Do me a favor.

Check out this bad boy that I got at Lune Vintage/Jill's yard sale today! Um, it's pretty much the most beautiful thing - ever. I have no clue what I'm going to use it for (but I wont tell Ken that). I just loved it too much to walk away from it.

It reminded me of my favor bags for the wedding that I had yet to post about, so here they are folks!
See that sexy typewriter font? Ah! I'm so proud of these. I have very little sewing skills and figured I was biting off more than I could chew when I came up with this idea but I am soo happy with the outcome. I wandered into Mitchell's Fabrics for this endeavour and fell in love! That place is magical! Gorgeous fabrics filling every inch of the room - I really wish I had more reason to shop as I could have bought so much more. Anyway, I actually got most of my explanation for how to make this from one of the staff there. She was so patient with me... I found one tutorial that basically was what she'd explained, only I was making mine in bulk so it was just slightly different. The tip to use a safety pin to pull the string through was a huge help!
I wound up using just regular ol' twine instead of ribbon as I liked the rustic feel it gave to the muslin baggy. I also used the same stamp I used for my envelopes and another letter stamp for the words. I now have about 50 of these (way more than needed) and they'll be filled with treats at our candy buffet. They were so easy, I didn't manage to mess up a single one!
So Lady from Mitchell's Fabrics, all I can say is.....