Wedding Invitations

Ken and I have opted for having a very small wedding. We want it to be eco-friendly and super hand made and crafty. So when it came to the invitations I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I started by attempting to make "plantable paper". I used this tutorial for my (first) batch. When my paper hadn't dried after about three days it started sprouting! "Scrapping"(teehee) that plan, I ripped up the sprouting paper and made a second batch using this tutorial instead.

I even threw in some petals and leaves from our garden outside. I was so excited for this one to turn out. I had been keeping it outside to dry faster but it was going to rain so I brought it into the apartment and set it on the bath tub. I should've known what was going to happen next. Ken came into the bedroom saying "You're friend (referring to my cat Virtute) knocked over your screen...the paper's in pieces."
Ugh. I was livid(Virtute slept on the couch that night!!). I was able to salvage 4 good size pieces for the invitations but I needed 10 more.
In a huff I logged onto etsy, found a seller, immediately bought the paper, and went back to bed.

The paper got here today and I was able to finally put together the invites. The picture at the top is the finished product. Here's a couple other views of it, including one of the invitations made from the paper I made.

The stamp, marker, ink and envelope were all bought at Micheals.
I included planting instructions for those guest that don't have much of a green thumb (like myself).

This invite is made from my paper. It's about 5 times thicker than the other paper!

The "information part" of the invite is on velum. I printed the information mirrored onto the velum so that you're actually looking at the backside. I then printed the header and our date by hand on the reverse side giving it kind of a three dimensional effect.

Now to deliver these bad boys!