Faux Bois

As you can see by the background of my blog; I love Faux Bois(fake wood). Especially oddly colored, or really linear faux bois. The more faux, the better.
I was trying to think of a way to incorporate it into the wedding somehow. Ken's tie was my first thought, but with it being such a casual wedding I don't even know if a tie is appropriate.

Upon brainstorming boutonniere ideas it came to me. We're not going with the crazy bouquets and centerpieces, so why don't I make a faux bois boutonniere!!

I made a quick trip to Michaels and picked up some small wooden hearts. I already had some E600, pin backs, and brown pens at home so that was easy.

I then drew wood grain onto the hearts, squeezed a dollop of E600 on the back, pushed the pin back on, wrote Ken + Cara and the wearers name and voila! A personalized boutonniere for the VIPs.

I even made tiny ones to put on the pets attire and corsages. Stay tuned for pictures of those!