Kitty Corsage

Finally, after a long wait my cats corsage blog post is here!!
To make this I used one of her old collars, blue ribbon from Micheal's, an old lace curtain I found at Salvation Army for $3.99!!, and one of the smaller boutonnieres I made from this post.
I used this tutorial for the flower and adjusted it slightly. Instead of using a fabric that frayed easily I used silk from ribbon that I cut in half. I then place the raw edge over a candle and let it melt just enough to keep the fabric from fraying. I also sewed the lace onto the ribbon to give it a more layered look. Once the flower was complete I sewed it to Virtute's collar, pinned on the boutonniere and I was done!!
It was super simple and I'm trying to think of more ways I could incorporate the flower into the wedding.

She is just going to be the prettiest guest at the wedding!
In other wedding related news; today Ken and I shot our very first wedding. It was completely overwhelming, but the wedding itself was beautiful and I've never seen such a gorgeous dress on a bride in my life. Stay tuned for sneak peeks of photos from the wedding!