Research before you buy!

Researching before you buy! It seems so obvious... But it somehow managed to slip my mind completely.
My lovely fiance celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday...! This is the last year I'll be dating a man in his 20s. Gross!! Anyway, for his 27th birthday I got him the coolest gift imaginable. After spending a couple months watching The Office together I knew exactly what to get him. Remember the episode Angela gets Dwight a bobble head of himself? Ya see where I'm going with this???

And so Bobble Ken was created...
Well, that was obviously the best gift ever... However it set the standards high for the next years...
His 28th I got him his first MP3 player. That's right, he was listening to a discman up until last year... The iPod was much more practical than fun so I decided to go more fun than practical for his 29th.
On a recent trip to Minneapolis we saw these fancy hermit crabs that we thought were the coolest. We didn't feel like explaining crabs to the border police so we just looked. When I saw them in a local mall I had a light bulb moment. I could get one of these cool painted crabs, get an extra shell, paint the Y(his office) logo on it, and voila; present! So that's what I did.

Meet Batman and Spongebob. Ken LOVES them. They're super cool...buuut upon doing some research about care and such I came across quite a few articles on painted hermit crabs as well as a youtube video.
So now I just feel terrible for supporting such a business. I'd return the little guys but a) Ken's already attached to them and b) I wouldn't want to put them back in their care.
They really are cool though... Definitely each have their own personality trait and once I do some CAREFUL research we'll probably get some cruelty free ones...But I guess then you could get into the whole "any animal in captivity is cruel" thing...