Indie Biz 3.0

This month Indie Business 3.0 started.  It's taught by three of my favourite bloggers.  One of which is my new boss!!!  And another shares the shop I'm working in!  More on all that excitement soon!
Leigh-Ann KefferJill Munro and Lisa Leonard are living the dream.  They've all started up successful indie businesses and are now teaching us students how they did it.  I missed registration on Indie Business 2.0 and was pretty bummed, so when 3.0 came about I was stoked.  For full information, teacher profiles and registration info, visit

Our first project was our binders!  I really enjoyed doing this and finally finished today.  I bought a recycled cardboard binder and mod-podged yellow tissue paper all over the outside.
I then mod-podged a doily, a silhouette of me, and a Midkid banner to the cover.

The inside has pockets I made that say "Indie Biz 3.0", courtesy of a tutorial done by Leigh-Ann.  She also taught me how to make super cute dividers with a label maker and some cardstock.  I added doilies to those too to tie it all together. 
I'm loving this course!