Stuff I Like Sunday

Today's stuff I like revolves around my new favourite thing.  Yes, it's the much awaited post about my new job.
I was recently hired by one of my favourite bloggers, and idols.  Jill Munro of Lune Vintage is one of those people that just impresses you more and more every day.  She runs a wonderful local vintage shop where she sells only the best vintage wears as well as her handmade clothing and accessories.
I've known her for a couple years now via my other job, and just admired her from afar.  When she posted on her blog a few weeks ago that she was looking for shop assistants my heart nearly leapt out of my chest.  I immediately applied and was hired very shortly after.
So here's 10 of my favourite things about the job!

1.  Moorea Seal rings!  Friday was my first day and I knew I'd have to bring some extra cash with me.  I wound up making negative $10 that day after doing some post work shopping.  I've worn this ring every day since buying it.  I've followed Moorea's blog for a few months now and just love her work.

2. Kyla Roma may very well be one of my new favourite people.  Lune Vintage shares their shop with two fantastic web designers from Freckled Nest.  I've been a fan of Kyla's blog for awhile now and when I first met her I had to catch my breath.  I was a complete dork and this was our first meeting...
Klya: "Hi, I'm Kyla."
Me: "Teeheehee....I know!"
Ya.  I did not keep my cool.  But she ended up being super easy to talk to and just one of those people that you instantly feel comfortable with.

3. Listening to great music in a super relaxed environment.

 4. Talisman necklaces.  This is one of Jill's personal designs.  I basically want one of every colour, but I figured I'd start slow and bought one in the same colour palette as the ring.

5. Leigh-Ann Keffer is the other half of Freckled Nest.  She was one of the first blogs I started following...ever!  I thought it was really cool to see someone so successful that was a Winnipegger.  When I first walked into Lune she was in the middle of a conversation with someone and she totally caught me staring at her in awe.  Once again...I was not cool.
But she gave me a chance, and trusted that I wasn't a complete creep.  And she put me at ease when she introduced herself and gave me a hug right off the bat.

6.  Having a customer come in and say "You must be Cara.  I read about you on Jill's blog."  Uh, how cool is that?!

7.  This outfit.  I'm basically a walking Lune ad in it.  The ring, necklace, and dress are all from Lune Vintage.  You can't see my earrings but I'm wearing Midkid rosebuds...which will also be apart of Lune's collection in the near future!!!*

8. Although Eggy and I have not met yet, I'm already loving this part of the job.  Come Fringe Festival I'll be working out of this bad boy!

9.  Gill King is a friend of mine from way back.  We used to work at the same summer camp (the one I met Ken at).  She later went on into the University of Manitoba's Fine Arts degree.  I always admired her for that, and eventually she inspired me to do the same.  Now we're both on the SOFA(School Of Fine Art) council together AND I found out that she too got hired by Lune and we'll once again be working together.  I could not be more happy about this.  It's gonna be like a little home away from home in no time.

10.  I obviously had to have Jill on this list.  Yes, this rad woman is my boss!  Am I the luckiest girl or what?!

*These photos were taken in -25 weather by my husband...  It's my first attempt at an "outfit shot"...I took several without his help indoors and they were laughable.  If it's not already clear that I'm a can take a look at the photos I would've used otherwise here.