Child Collaboration

It's that time of the year where all of my school work is just piling up and I want to run and hide.
I tend to get really stressed out and overwhelmed when I have things to do that I don't feel confident in.  I do everything in my power to avoid doing it...and usually wind up freaking out the day before it's due.
Do you see where I'm going with this?
Yes, I have an essay due on Thursday that is worth 40% of my grade.....and I haven't started it.  And honestly...I probably wont start it for a few more days...
There is one benefit to this.  I end up pouring all my time into other projects to busy myself, and those projects usually get more care and effort put into them than they normally would have had otherwise.
So while I'm waiting for some water colours to dry before moving onto something else I thought I'd share with you my most recently finished assignment

I'm really excited to share it.  It's easily become my favourite thing I've done in school so far.
The project was for my Open Studio class.  The assignment was to either collaborate with a child or an animal on an art work.  I've tortured my cat enough as it is, so I chose children.
Ken is the manager of the North Y Youth Centre so I visited him and got some help by 24 of the kids there.
I took individual kids between the ages of 2 and 16 into an office.  I handed them a sheet of water-colour paper and a black fine tip marker.  I then described a picture to them.
"There is a man and a woman at a table.  The woman has curly hair and is knitting.  The man has glasses and is reading the newspaper.  There's a cat.  And there's a picture on the wall."
I got them to draw exactly that and gave them no further directions.  I didn't let them see anybody but their own pictures to avoid any outside inspiration.
I also did my own version of the picture in water-colour.  I scanned my picture and printed it directly on top of the kids drawings.

It ended up working so well!! Some matched up with mine so close it was just weird.  I wound up displaying 12 on a wall, and 12 in the sketch book the kids used.  I couldn't be happier with the outcome and definitely want to keep doing stuff like this!

click the photos for a larger view