Stuff I Like Sunday

My chest feels tight right now.  I'm so so anxious about this paper.  I have no idea where to even start.
Time to think happy thoughts!
Here's stuff that makes me smile despite the impending doom of an essay.

1.  Getting excited for my European honeymoon in 21 days!  After work on Friday Ken surprised me with a travel book on Europe!

2. Drilling into our concrete walls.  I have so many paintings that are just barely hanging on our walls due to the fact that you really cant nail into concrete.  Not anymore though!  My dad got Ken a power drill for Christmas and I put it to use on Thursday.... It was incredibly satisfying!

3. Taking contacts out at the end of the day.  It's the best feeling.

4. The Lune Vintage sites launch this week.  It's so pretty!

5. Great friends.  This week one of my classmates was feeling down in the dumps.  A couple of us chipped in and all bought her something for her camera as a "don't worry be happy" gift.

6. Watching Portlandia online with that guy I'm married to.

8. Having Midkid's rosebud earrings now available at the local Lune Vintage shop.

9. This book cover that I think anybody married to an artist can relate to.  Ken's such a trooper for putting up with me and our paint covered apartment.

10.  GIVING JEWELLERY AWAY!!  Check back in a couple hours for another Midkid giveaway!