Stuff I Like Sunday

I'm thinking of starting a "Stuff I Like" weekly post.Let me know you're thoughts, and maybe I'll just keep it up.
For the first edition I want to show off some stuff I like from my friends!

1. This budoir photo of my friend Karen Faye, shot by yet another friend, Staci Bencharski.
It's so simple, and sexy...but doesn't make me embarrassed to look Karen in the eye.

2. My classmate Kira handed this in for her photography class, and I just find it eerily beautiful.

3. Classes with my newest friend Richelle Wiebe, where we make each other laugh until tears. She's pretty wonderful.

4. When other bloggers, like my friend Gill, surprise me with a Midkid feature.

5. This beautiful series of rings by Alexandra Tumanov, who will be revamping my wedding set.