A Midwinter Night's Dream

Last weekend I took part in an experience of a life time. I, Cara Mason, walked in a haute couture hair and fashion show.
Proceeds were raised in support of "Never Alone Foundation" in the fight against cancer.
Hair FX, Kick It Dance Studio and F2 Styling/Events helped put on this incredible event.
The stylists were fuelled and ready to go.
(Frequent readers might recognize this as James, my good friend and hair stylist!)
James was able to take my very scary bed head from this, to....
Michael Larocque (owner of Hair FX) introduced the show, said his stuff, and the show had started.
The show was separated into 4 groups. Each group was represented by a dance number. This is the dance that represented the first group. My group, Winter theme!
Ya, that's my beautiful BFF Zoe.
Jennifer Arnold, a fellow crafter was also in our group and looked like a total pro!
And I was next. Look at those shoes! I was so good I did it with my eyes closed.
I was very much in love with my styling, and was dying to take home the dress and Ruby Feather's bracelet.
The next group, Nature themed.
Followed by the Nightmare group...
And wrapping it up, Whimsical...
The show ended with an amazing "Spray and Pray" that literally defied gravity.
The models took one last walk down the runway and I....
I fell off the runway!!
There was a small step to get onto the runway that was definitely not the most sturdy. As I stepped off the runway, another model stepped on, causing the step to slide out from underneath me. This resulted in a very immediate collapse to the floor. I instinctively grabbed the pole supporting the curtain, fortunately not ripping the curtain down with me.

Anyway, that was my runway debut. I've included the model shots that were done after the show.
These were the four main dancers that represented each group.
Mind blowing, right?
Once again, Jennifer, aka Mrs. Glockenheimen
Zoe, looking fiiiiiieeeerce.
Myself, trying to remember everything Tyra Banks taught me.
Kara (Hair FX Stylist), Zoe, and myself.
Kara went above and beyond for us, and made us feel like rock stars. We just had to have a photo with her. Plus, after having my "weave" taken out, she gave me a little head massage that made me weak in the knees.
Sharing a once in a lifetime opportunity with a wonderful friend...
It's kind of amazing, isn't it?

*All of these BEAUTIFUL photos are courtesy of Campbell Photography. When Scott and Melinda Campbell sent me the link to the photos I squealed with excitement. I was devastated that I didn't have any friends or family in the audience, but you can definitely get the feel of how incredibly it was based off the photos. That's talent people!