Second Semester

My second semester of school is in full swing and I presented my first major project for school on Thursday. When my prof explained our first assignment to us he started by saying "We're gonna start off pretty simple and just ease into it..the assignment is to do or make something impossible."
Ya, sounds reeeeally simple.
After brainstorming, and trying to figure out all the impossible things I could teach my cat to do, I decided to go with "Slam a Revolving Door". So on a freezing Saturday in Winnipeg's downtown my classmate, Kira Koop filmed me attempting the impossible.
I was really unsure if this was any good and was nervous to show people. After getting a lot of great feedback I'm starting to feel pretty proud of it.
Our next project for this class is what is really going to be impossible for me. If you know pretty much anything about me, you know that I hate winter with a passion. Specifically Winnipeg's winters. That said, our assignment is to create a work of art outdoors...out of snow...
I'm considering just sitting back and taking a fail on this one as I really can't decide what would be worse. Turning into a miserable icicle outside for several hours... oooor getting a zero on the project.
It's actually a tough call.