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Aaaahhhhhh!!! Where have I been?! Stuck under a pile of wedding and art school projects of course...
Tomorrow I'm off to Lac Du Bonnet (after picking up my dress and getting my nails done), Saturday is prep day, and Sunday...Sunday...What am I doing Sunday? Oh right! I'm getting freaking married!!!

Everyone keeps asking me "Are you excited?!"...but all I can say is "...I'm stressed...and now I'm sick..." So, I've been knocking back echinacea and rocking the Neti Pot (which by the way, is incredibly disgusting - but works really well!).

So with all that excitement in my life, there may be even more excitement on top of that!! My beautiful, incredibly pregnant friend may be having a baby tonight. She thought she was having braxton hicks....and now she's thinking otherwise.
I'm glad I painted and photographed her while I had the chance!
I painted her for my figure study class. It was really weird 'cause I'd draw out her belly...and then the baby would move and change it's shape.And of course, a couple of pictures from her maternity shoot.
I did maternity shots with this couple for their first child. I was also in their wedding party and watched them pose it up for their photographer. So I knew that this shoot was gonna be a cinch! These two can make love to a camera f'reals!
Now I'm off to write some vows and pack up a car!
Do me a favor and wish me beautiful weather for Sunday!!! I'm determined to have the ceremony outside AND have it warm enough that I can go bare foot.
Fingers crossed!!