I have 4 different assignments to work on...that I'm choosing not to at the moment. And I have loads of wedding things to do. I just threaded 2 strands of cranes, got bored, and decided this would be much more productive!
So here's my wedding accessories for head to toe! (literally)

This is my beaaautiful head piece made from vintage leaves and pearls. I bought it on Etsy from BeSomethingNew. I'm so excited to wear it!! James (my hair stylist for the wedding and BFF) basically said if I didn't buy it, he wasn't going to put anything in my hair, so I didn't really have any other choice! Thank you James for encouraging my online shopping habit.

These are my earrings as well as my something blue! These are also an Etsy find from Shlomitofir. She had them in gold without a blue bead, but I pretty much never wear gold so I had her make them in silver, and add a blue bead for me. They turned out better than I could have imagined, and look so nice next to my headband.

Here is where I would normally have my necklace. I'm going to be wearing the pearls my mom wore at her wedding. Being that I'm a basket case right now and lose just about everything, the necklace is still in her jewellery box.

This is my wedding garter. If you've ever met Ken it doesn't take long to find out he's a die hard Ottawa Senators fan. Ken is very anti-wedding and I knew if I combined the Sens in there somewhere I could put a little twinkle in his eye. I bought my garter from "Let's Dance Garters" online.

And finally, my shoes! I really want to go barefoot for the wedding, but if it's too cold shoes will be in order, in which case I'll be wearing these bad boys. Not many people know this about me...but I can sing a long to ANY song from The Wizard of Oz. When I saw these gold slippers, ala Dorothy's ruby red's I knew that these were the ones! An Etsy seller by the name of OxfordHeaven made them from a pair of Dr. Scholl's and just added on some lace and ribbon details. When I saw them originally they had purple and green lace on them that she changed for me to match my dress. They're currently super tight, but I'm slowly but surely breaking them in.