I survived the first week of University!!! And I loved it!!
I truly thought I was about to throw up every time I opened my mouth on the first day, but it never happened. I'd call that a success.
At the moment I'm pretty stressed out about it, but I'm sure it'll all come together. When I discovered that my mid terms and projects would all be around the wedding date my stomach dropped so I pretty much need to go into hyper drive now.
In the last week I've finished:

  • Folding all 1000 paper cranes (YEEAAAAHHH!!!!)
  • Cleaning and decorating all the mason jars for the candy buffet
  • Creating dessert stands by gluing a vintage candle stick to a vintage plate

Still to go:

  • Spray paint the 1000 paper cranes gold
  • Thread all the cranes onto a string and bead
  • Scan all of Ken's baby pictures
  • Put together a slide show with a play list
  • Write vows
And probably 300 more things that I'm forgetting right now.
In the meantime I'm re-branding "Midkid" like crazy, and have a wackload of reading and new school assignments to start on.
I'm losing it!

On the plus side, I've received nearly ALL of my wedding things that I've ordered online. All that's left is an LP of Sophie Madeleine's album Love.Life.Ukelele. Sophie was completely out of these limited edition LP's and was kind enough to find a way to get one to me! She's just as a nice as her voice, if you can believe that. I can't make up my mind on whether to walk down the aisle to "Take Your Love With Me" or "You Are My Favorite". I'd love if you would listen to them and weigh in for me.

Next post will be about all my other fabulous Internet finds. My garter, head piece, earrings, shoes. You know, all the best parts of a wedding!