Okay, so I've been engaged a few weeks now. The hugs and "I'm so happy for you"'s are coming to an end. And the tendinitis in my wrist from showing off my ring is just about gone.
However, today I got my second wave of engagement excitement.
My fabulous wedding photographer Melissa Johnstone of Sugar and Soul Photography posted our engagement photos today.
For the last couple weeks her and I have been brain storming ideas. I wanted something really unique and fun. We came up with this 50's couple on a deserted road sorta theme.
I seemed like such a great idea until Ken and I were swarmed by mosquitoes... When Ken and I could hold off swatting them for just a moment she would get a shot...but of course we were covered in big not so cute welts.
But Melissa did it! She managed to get some gorgeous shots. I'm ashamed to say that I've gone through them probably around 50 times by now...

Check them out on Melissa's Blog, and take a look at her other shoots while you're at it.
The girls got some serious talent.