How To Say Goodbye

I officially have one week left with two close friends of mine.
I met them when I was 11. I felt shy and awkward around them.
My new friends were so weird, and I didn't know what to do with them.
I grew to be very dissapointed in them. I was ashamed of my friends.
All the other girls in my grade had friends that the guys really liked.
I ended up spending the next few years wishing that my friends would change, and that the boys would notice them.
I spent a great deal of time getting to know the girls between grade 8 and 9. The three of us got really close, and our bond became larger.
At this time my wish was coming true. Guys were finally seeing that I had friends. Or more so, that my friends had me.
It became too much, and I started to hate my friends. They started to embarass me in public. They started to hurt me. Physically and emotionally. They wouldn't go running with me anymore, and refused to join me on a trampoline.
Sure they were good to have around when you needed to get the bartendars attention, but for the most part; the girls were whores.

Now; 9 years after meeting them, it's time to say goodbye. I'm not sure if I should be mourning the loss, or celebrating it.
That said; my breast reduction is scheduled for September 2nd, at 9:00am.
I know some of you have become rather close with the girls, and may want to say goodbye one final time.
If you would like to make arrangements to do so you can reach me on my cell phone.