"They're getting away!"

So I had pretty much the greatest weekend ever.
When Ken finally picked me up with Steve at 2:30 the 3 of us went to WalMart and bought $160 worth of easter stuff for the Easter Egg-Stravaganza!
Steve jumped and grabbed a whole box of the rubbery string off the top shelf, threw 5 bags of it in the cart and chucked it over the isle. The WalMart police came after us then.
After that we went to Value Village in search of a bunny costume.
We found like..a yellow sleeping bag with arms and put Steve in it, and got him a big rain coat.
Then we found a bunch of pins, and bought 3 crappyawesome homemade ones that say "THE WEST IS THE BEST!"..there were 4, but we didn't want anybody else to be in our gang..so we destroyed it.
Then we went to the Y and prepped for it.
After the lovely Ken took us to Papa Georges, and Matt Abra and Chelsea met us there and we all had supper on Ken. Not literally on Ken though.. But ya, it was splendid.

After supper we split into 3 groups and raced to Starbucks. Ken and I ran and thought we had won.. then we realized Matt was already there. But we beat Chels and Steve..which really isn't that big of a deal..
So we went to drink our beverages back at Ken's place while watching 3 episodes of Mr Show.
Ken drove me home at midnight, and we didn't talk to the whole way home, and it was rather nice.

The Egg-Stravaganza went off great! Steve screwed my team over though. We had to stall for time so I made my group go to vents and make hamster sounds to call for a non-existent hamster, do scales and warm up when the front desk asked us to sing, and I refused to go to the climbing wall so we had to vote on it. I told them it was a secret ballot so Zach and I voted 342593094 times for the "Climbing Mall" when they weren't looking. Zach is insanely beautiful and my new crush at the Y. Turns out Elliot/Scott is gay.

WalMart police: "They're getting away!"

(After ringing up all the easter candy)
Steve: "Ya..this is for home use only."

Steve: "Gee it's cold in here..." *drawing attention to his button*
Me: "That it is..I should put on my jacket.." *Pulls coat on drawing attention to button.."
Ken: "Yes...it's so cold...my heart seems like it could be tin.." *taps button repeatidly*
Chelsea: ".....What?"

Me: "My 'sir' looks like Hitler...."

Chelsea: "I had a stressful day..it was full of badminton and people"
Ken: "Ya..badminton is stressful......ping.....ping..." *pretending to play badminton*
Matt: "Oh look there's some people.....ping."

Mr Show: "Before I die, I'm gonna fuck me a fish!"

Matt: *fiddling with the radio* "ACDC, The Hip, Coldplay.........S Club?"

Mr Show: "Mother father, chinese dentist!"

Mr Show: "Mother f***ing island forgetting bastard."

Steve: "Cara made out with someone."
Me: "No I didn't! I didn't make out with anyone...ever."
Ken: "Well that's a lie..we all know you sucked face with Marlowe."

Ken: "How long can you guys stall for? 5 or 10 minutes?"
Matt: "Why can't we make it 7?"
Ken: "'Cause Cara's here."