"You're always sick. Everyone has a sick kid. And you're my sick kid friend." -Ken

I love Ken soo much.
I went for coffee with him today but got lost finding the place and wandered around Osbourne Village for a half hour.
I was infront of the shop for about 5 minutes, and he said he was watching me the whole time and laughing.
We talked for a good few hours about work, the summer, and how he chose the CIT's and how each one was his favorite something.
Steve-Favorite Jerk
Janet-Favorite Nerd
Rob-Favorite 80s Rocker
Jimbo-Favorite Gaylor Sailor
Harley-Favorite Conversationalist
Jenn-Favorite CIT/Little Sister
He also said he had Chels, Steve and I all picked for his CIT group long before our interviews.

Once we got bored of Stella's he told me he had something for me back at his apartment so we walked there and he was all gentleman like and linked arms with me, which sucked cause he's a fast walker.
He told me how on the first couple days of camp Chels was his favorite person but she got out-shined after. I said "By Jenn?" and he said "Psh! No! You! You're my favorite person." And I got all bashful and junk. He told me he had no idea how fun I was and that he very rarely meets someone with common interests and said he found that in me. I love Keeeen!!
When we got to his apartment we watched the staff slide show which was hilarious, and he gave a me a mixed Conifera CD, which is sooo good.