Crafty Minions 3.0

Yesterday was the third Crafty Minions event that Aqua Books has put on.
The first one Ken helped me out with, and the second one I shared a table with a friend from school.  Ken was supposed to head to camp with work yesterday but it was cancelled because (cue SNL sketch) ...the roads were closed.

I was so happy that he could join me...he on the other hand...was not...
Look at the excitement on his face in this picture....
Simply thrilled.

We were too late to get my usual sweet spot with my other favourite crafters... This was due to the fact that Ken wouldn't get ready.  I swear, I woke him up for 45 minutes...I thought he was finally up when he left for the living room.  When it was time to go I went to get him and he was sleeping UNDER the coffee table!!

Anyway, the sale was a success, and I brought with me my two favourite additions to Midkid.
Knots and bows!

Also, I have to thank my new BFF Richelle for helping me out the night before the sale.  She picked me and all my gear up, took me to her place, and helped tag and pin earrings onto their backs for 5 hours!  In a blizzard no less!!!'re pretty much the best.

Alright, now that that's all out of the way.  Time for some opinions.
I obviously couldn't get through a craft show without making any purchases.  I hit up Just The Goods as per usual, and then did some vintage shopping.
I've been hunting for vintage glasses for ages and I was so excited when I found these.
But, once I got home and saw them in better lighting I had trouble deciding whether I really liked them.  So, I'm leaving the decision up to you guys.  
Are they awesome and should I get my prescription put in them?
Should I find another use for them and continue my hunt?
Or are vintage glasses simply not meant for me...?

Stuff I Like Sunday will be up tomorrow!