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Today's Stuff I Like is in honour of Valentines Day.



Valentines Day Breakfast by Cute Food For Kids

These photos makes me want to do my engagement session all over again!

This photo has always been a favourite of mine...

My valentine.

And just to make this post extra cheesy,  I'm sharing our love story with you all.

Ken and I met in 2002 on the docks in Kenora, ON., heading home from Camp Stephens.  Ken says he remembers seeing what appeared to be a fellow hockey fan sporting a Calgary Flames baseball hat.  He walked over to me (probably to tell me that the Ottawa Senators are better) only to realize that I had embroidered the letters "A R A" after the flaming C to spell my name.
I don’t recall the exact moment I remember seeing Ken but the first "I love this man!" moment was watching him play the part of Statler and Waldorf (the old men from The Muppets).  It made me weak in the knees.

As years went on we eventually became best friends.  Neither of us knew that we were in love with the other.  Even though my mother told me at the age of 16 "You're going to marry Ken y'know?", to which I replied "Ew! Gross!".  Ken's mother also said "You're supposed to be with Cara."

I eventually realized what everyone else knew.  I was in love with Ken.  Ken however was in a 6 year long relationship that just broke my heart.
When that relationship came to an end Ken was also in the midst of being diagnosed with an immune deficiency and was very unwell and just needed someone.  I became that someone.
When Ken was in need of a friend, I was there.
When Ken got sick and was in need of a nurse, I was there.
When Ken couldn't clean his apartment, I was there.
When Ken needed someone to make him dinner,....well I would call the pizza guy.

Ken still saw me as his BESTfriend and not his GIRLfriend.  When he told me that he was going to start dating someone I fell apart.  I couldn't stand to see him in yet another relationship and told him I couldn't be his friend.

Three weeks went by where we didn't talk or see eachother.  Until one day when I found Ken at my door.  He simply said "I'm in love with you and can't live without you”.  I was somewhat taken aback by this statement and as much as I loved this man I wasn't sure whether I was ready to hand my heart back over to him.

Still unsure of the relationship, I cautiously welcomed him back into my life.  Two weeks later we spent Christmas morning together exchanging gifts.  Ken and I found ourselves each holding identical blue "Jake and Amir" t-shirts. All doubts I had once had immediately vanished.