Face Palm

Ken and I just went to the movie theatre for a friday night date.   We were going to see a nice little 9 o'clock show(which is pretty late for me...I'm an old lady and get sleepy by 10pm, so we usually shoot for the 7pm shows). We bought our tickets, some hot and fresh popcorn, an ice cold drink, and some candy.  $35 later we were ready to see "Hall Pass".
I happily handed our tickets over to the ticket ripper.  She looked up at us and said "We can't let you into the theatre yet."  Confused, I asked why... "Well, your movie doesn't start for another hour."....What?!!?  "Ya...but you can see Justin Bieber now if you want..."
.....Face palm.
I must've looked at the movie time for Saturday...not Friday.
Fortunately Ken saved me from any more embarrassment, and explained my idiocy to the manager who promptly gave us all our money back.
These are the kind of shenanigans you have to deal with on a regular basis when you're married to me.
I am so lucky he puts up with me.