Clothing Swap

Last weekend I hosted my very first clothing swap.
For those of you that don't know, a clothing swap is a brilliant gathering among women(and/or men) that not only helps you clean your closet, but also fills it with new clothes at no cost.
Basically, you bring a bunch of clothes and accessories you no longer want, and swap them with other attendees clothes that you do want.
I was so excited to empty out my closet...and I mean EMPTY out my closet.
All those hangers previously held all these clothes...

So I bagged them up and brought them to the swap.

None of these photos were shot by me...I was rather busy being the hostess with the mostest.
My friend Kira was kind enough to welcome 14 strangers into her home for the swap.  I planned on having it at my place...but 5 is basically the max capacity of my living room.

 The swap went so much better than I could've imagined.  Don't you love when things you plan go well?
This rarely happens to me, so I'm pretty proud, and really look forward to the next one.
Thanks to everyone that came!
(Especially those of you whose clothes I now own)