A Year in Photos

For my final blog post of 2010 I thought I'd combine 2 of my favourite things to look back on.
Ridiculous old Facebook status' and photos.
So here's a photo and a status from each month.


(Ken walked out of the bathroom like this and it had to be photographed)
"Cara was called a Communist at work today. By a teacher. She was then booed by the class. I feel like I'm in High School again."


(I was in a student film this year, and this was the set for one of the shoots)
"Cara bought Steve Madden boots with Ken Mason's poker winnings. This is the definition of compromise."


(Ken and I bought onesies this year!)
"Cara's cat just got into her yarn drawer, pulled out every ball of yarn, and then proceeded to unravel them around the entire apartment."


(Ken and I went to The Mall of America this year and didn't do any shopping...only marvelled at sea creatures.)
"Cara just applied to the Fine Arts program at the U of M...AH!"


(I tried on several occasions to take my cat for a walk this year...)
"Cara woke up to find "Philly to Bel-air" in her computers search history. Apparently Ken Mason wanted to know how much the cab ride in Fresh Prince would cost...at 4am. I love this man."


(The must have engagement ring shot)
"Cara is no longer a single lady. Ken Mason liked it, so he put a ring on it."


(Going tubing with my brother's girlfriend shortly after being diagnosed with tendonitis.)
"Cara is contemplating folding 1000 paper cranes for the wedding..."


(My mom and I at my bridal shower)
"Cara had an awesome time at the craft sale today! Thanks to all those that stopped by! Winnipeg crafters are so much fun!"


(My first Flaming Lips concert that basically blew my mind!)
"Cara saw her second Kids in the Hall cast member today. Right by her apartment again. Last year it was Mark McKinney after ASL. Today it was Kevin McDonald after Drawing:Studio. She hopes this pattern continues. Three cast members to go!"


(Ken and I get married 10.10.10)
"Cara's cat just singed her tail on a candle...I feel an odd combination of guilt and amusement."


(Welcoming baby Zoey into the world)
"Cara woke up this morning to find her toaster gone... Oh the life of being married to Ken Mason."


(The Student of Fine Arts New Money party. That's the council all glammed up.)
"Cara is boycotting Christmas from here on out."

So that was a crazy year! Here's hoping 2011 is all about settling into school and married life.
What are your hopes for 2011?