Old Salty&Cap'n Pepper

I attempted to make everyone's Christmas present this year...and didn't quite get there.
Here's one I made for my new brother in law.
I schemed with his girlfriend to find out his favourite quote.
I painted the background all matte black and then painted a silhouette of a cat in glossy black. That way if you look on it head on, you don't see it, but when hit with light a cat appears. I'm a magician!
I also whipped up this guy for my regular brother and his girlfriend.

When it was all said and done I gave myself a present.
My lovely friend Paula gave me these hilarious vintage salt and pepper shakers as a house warming gift several years ago. I love them and they served me well, but as you can see Old Salty has seen better days and I had to replace them.
I found these guys and just love them. They're much more cute than humorous but I love them anyway.

I put salt in the light dog, and pepper in the darker...but I don't know if I was right in that.
Which one's supposed to have 2 holes...or 3?