Oh, the Who-manity

I'm not afraid to say it. I'm a Grinch. I straight up hate Christmas. Always have.
But this time of year it's hard to hide. So, with just a few more sleeps until the big day, I try to put on a brave face and embrace the holiday.

First up was the SOFA christmas party. The theme was favourite Christmas characters. My gut reaction was to go Grinch, obviously. But really didn't want to paint my face green - so I went with the next best, Cindy Lou Who. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures there, but I did snap a horrendous webcam photo before leaving.
Once some of the other council members post their photos I'll add them.
The next day I went to meet up with my best friend at a vegan burger restaurant in Winnipeg. Zoe has been in South America for the last three months and it just broke my heart that she missed the wedding. So we had a lot of catching up to do.
Anyway, back to me hating Christmas. Zoe got me a Christmas/wedding gift that just knocked my socks off. Pun - completely intended.
Yes, apart of me hating Christmas - is also me hating to receive gifts.
I always feel so awkward, and it's really rare that someone "gets" me. Zoe...totally gets me.
I opened up my tissue wrapped gift to find these amazing socks inside. Yes. I'm the person that LIKES getting socks for Christmas. They're so cozy and warm and totally cute. After I was done explaining how much I loved them I realized there was still something in the tissue paper.
These earrings are very "me"... Yes, Zoe is an expert shopper. Both gifts came from Peru. The earrings are extra neat because they're actually made from coca leaves. AKA the plant that cocaine comes from. Needless to say Zoe had to ask if she would even be able to cross the border with them.

And finally....
"Get a pedicure, get your hurr did"...

Today I visited my good buddy James at Hair FX. I've been ready to go really red for awhile now but didn't want to do it while working in a High School, nor did I wanna get married like it. So now seemed like the perfect time to dive in the ginger pool. The big surprise for me was the bangs! As James was washing my hair he proposed the idea, and I just kept saying "Let me think about it..." After he finished the initial trim he totally reverse psychologied me. "You're not ready for bangs. We'll just leave it..." and I fell right for it "No, no! I'm totally ready!...Do it...Okay...just..ya...okay...ya do it!"
And he did it! I've settled that I'm pretty much in love with it. The boy is talented and knows how to do some hair!

So now that I feel pretty and like I may even have a little bit of Christmas spirit in me, I must get around to finishing all the presents that I've decided to make.
Pictures to come after Christmas of course.

Oh oh, and the posts of work from my other classes in school are still on their way.