Drawing-Studio 1

Yesterday was the last class of first semester, and needless to say I loved it.
For the next couple entries I plan on giving a little run down of some of my assignments from each class.
All of these photos are from my Drawing: Studio class. The prof was awesome and the classmates made the three hours hunched on a drawing horse completely enjoyable.

This was just an in class lesson on different drawing techniques.
This is also an in class lesson that I used in my first assignment.
Assignment 1:
Create a montage using drawings from class.

After that we experimented with scale in preparation for our next assignment.
Assignment 2:
Create a composition using various perspectives/angles dealing with scale.

Mine was inspired by Ken's medical condition. Every 3 weeks Ken receives blood product, and also has to take a great deal of medication. The bandaid's represented the donors(I love you donors!), and the pills - well that's pretty obvious.
I'm really unhappy with this piece. While working on it I learnt that one of my friends from k-12 was killed by a drunk driver, and I just lost all momentum and interest in the piece.
Final Assignment:
Create a diptych(piece with 2 parts), triptych(piece with 3), or polyptych(4+) piece using any medium.

I have a love-hate relationship with breasts. I used to have a FF chest, and had wicked back problems as a result, and generally just hated them. Upon getting a reduction 2 years ago I became very aware of the way people view you based on your cup size. I was envious of smaller chested woman, and smaller chested woman would beg me to donate whatever they "reduced" in surgery to them. My goal was to show breasts in a completely non-sexual way. As these highly sexual body parts...really aren't for any sexual purpose. So I had 13 incredibly brave volunteers allow me to take mug shots of their chests. All the different sizes, scars, tattoos created a unified difference that was exactly what I was going for.
The piece is simply called: Just Boobs.

Here's a detailed shot of the piece.
Big ups to all my volunteers!