Skewl is Kewl

I like the library.
It's very quiet.
It's nice turning around and seeing a bunch of books with dog eared pages, and worn out covers.
The ones that are falling apart are my favorites.
I'm all alone.
I like it.

Today was the Terry Fox Walk.
I like seeing the student body walk down main all clumped together in their little packs.
I'm not feeling good though so I just sat on the steps and watched them go by.
I feel so sick right now.
I can't tell if it's because of the mono, or my heart. It hurts very much.

DevonFriends makes things better.
I spent some of lunch with him. I dont even need to tell him what's wrong. Or vent to him, or have him say pretty things to make me feel better. Just talking is enough.
It was nice.

I, I, I.
Too many I's.