I liked today.
I know I'm really happy now.
As I was waiting for the bus an older man with a speech impediment asked me about my day, and we talked about the weather.
When I switched bus's a couple came on.
They were about my age and dressed all in black.
They got off holding hands.
I phoned him and told him I'd be there soon.
His was really nice. I like kissing him, and when he makes me laugh, and calls me a geek.
He took me around the neighborhood and told me lots of memories.
It's nice to sit on his bed and listen to him play an acoustic missing a string.
And share a popsicle.
And tell eachother "I love you" over and over, just to say it.
He walked me to the bus stop and gave me cold kisses.
We kissed a lot.
When I got on I sat down and watched the people around me.
There was an older couple sitting near me. They didn't say a word, but the woman felt the mans cheek with the back of her hand to check his stubble. Then put her head on his shoulder.
I smiled at the man and looked back out the window.
A teen Mom came on with a sleeping baby and she fumbled to get bus fare out. She sat down with her daughter, and began saying things to her in a language I didn't understand. I think she was trying to wake her up. So she bounced her on her knee, and after failing to wake her up she gave her a kiss, and let out a happy sigh.
And I thought about life and love.
And how you have to love to live.
And how the guy at the back of the bus that listens to his music too loud, and the man infront of you wearing a trench coat who likes his cell phone get off at the same spot.
And how you get caught kissing your boyfriend by a girl you just met.
I hope everyone on that bus has someone they love, or someone that loves them.
And gets caught kissing that someone.