One Big Happy Zombie Family

If you know anything about me, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with zombies.  Mind you, when the apocalypse hits you'll all be wishing you had that same unhealthy obsession I have…
But I digress.  Because of this obsession I recently finished a series of family portraits done in oil paint.  So cute, right?
Sort of.  I painted my family as zombies.  So AWESOME, right??
Take a look at my undead family...
Wouldn't this look amazing above the household mantel?

These are my reference photos.  Do I have a cool family, or what?

Taren Gesell (older brother)

Barry Gesell (papa bear)

Lori Gesell (mama bear)

Ozzy (the family dog)

Virtute (my fur baby)

Cara Mason (me!)

Ken Mason (that guy I married)

Jessie Gesell (baby brother)
What better way to show someone you care this holiday season than to have a custom zombie oil painting done of them?
The paintings are done on 1'x2' wood panels, and are currently selling for $200.
Interested? Send a message my way and we can talk paintings, zombie apocalypse hideouts, weapon of choice… etc.