Things That Make You Go Awwww….

Yesterday I visited my soul sister, Richelle, out in Altona.
We did what most friends do when they get together.  Went to a tea house, did some thrifting, visited an art gallery, and painted our nails.
While at her beautiful home I snuck a few photos of her new fur baby, Willow.

During our very successful thrift trip Richelle and I fell in love with the same pot set, and instead of doing the logical thing and flipping a coin for it… we split it up and decided we'd just have "friendship pots".  Willow decided that Richelle's pot made the perfect bed.

I ALSO just realised that I haven't shared Richelle's wedding with you folks!!!
It seriously was aaaaamazing!
Fun fact: She wore large white rose buds!  So definitely take a look at the link here, and prepare yourself to say "awwww" all over again.

And if you can handle "awww"ing one more time, you'll have to watch their engagement video!
That's right…Ryan (Richelle's husband), actually filmed the proposal and created this adorable video of it.