Honeymoon: Scotland

Whoah Cara.  Whoah.  You're so fired.  Worst blogger ever.  Fired.

Wait.  I am Midkid.  I can't fire me.  I'm promoting me.  I'm senior Midkid.

Okay, as promised, here's my Honeymoon - Scotland blog post... posted just a couple days after the Honeymoon - England post. (That's a lie.  It's been a month since I wrote that blog)
But hey, as I always say;  better a late blog post than a late period!*

THIS is our room in Edinburgh.  Hands down the greatest place we stayed.  Huge bummer we couldn't stay longer.  One morning we left crazy hastily and I threw my clothes all over the place and when we came back they were all nicely folded and pretty.  Ya!  If you're ever headed over to Edinburgh and looking for a place to stay I'd highly recommend the Grosvenor Gardens Hotel. <3

Okay... this section of the trip basically sums up how Ken and I function as a couple.  As super geeks we're pretty big fans of conspiracy theories and books such as The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons.  So, if you know anything about the books you're probably familiar with Rosslyn Chapel.  It turns out you can take the regular ol' city bus there from where we were staying!!
So we opted to try and get there like the locals rather than go with a tour.
...Street sides in Europe confuse me to no end!!! Needless to say we got on the bus on the wrong side of the street and wound up staying on the bus until it terminated.  Fortunately Scots are the most friendly people and our driver told us that if we just stayed on for a while longer we would eventually get to the chapel.  And we did! The trip should've taken us 20 minutes...but it took us 2 hours.  AWWWWEEEESOMMME!

But we made it! And this was the beeeeautiful view in front of the chapel.

WHOAH! This is the chapel!!!

Photos aren't allowed inside so you'll have to day dream about how freaking amazing it was!

I can't even begin to put into words the feeling I(we) got inside.  Not even.  I definitely recommend going there if you have the chance - but watch/read the DaVinci code before you go.  It'll freak your brain!

The next day we went on an actual bus tour (lesson learned) and headed up to Loch Ness through the highlands.  Our first bathroom break I met Hamish.

Hamish and his whiff(that's what Ken calls me) Heather just had a baaaaby!

Second bathroom break?  NOPE! We were just stopping for a beautiful photo op and I made a point to take a photo of this old man peeing on the beautiful highlands.  Ah, nature!

Don't we look content and happy?
That's for two reasons.  We're in the highlands!!
AND our driver just talked about how Edinburgh had a terrible winter.  I quote "Some days were -20!!" Everyone on the bus gasped and Ken and I burst into laughter.
When we got to this spot the driver warned people on the bus that it was chilly outside... Ken and I found it delightful! Then a family that was sitting behind us stayed on the bus 'cause they thought it was too cold.
(For those of you non-Winnipeggers, -20 is a regular winter day for us.  Each winter we get a good couple weeks where it's -45....sooo.........)



GAAAAHHH! LOCH NESS! Fun fact: I'm a big geek and used to read and watch things about Nessie all the time when I was younger.  I used to say "The best death would be getting gobbled by the Loch Ness Monster"

Say what?!?!?!

SONAR! It's apparently "seen" Nessie 98 times!

Our skipper Ricky claimed to have the creature(s) 10 times and says it looks just like this, only more gray in colour.

Stop looking at me swan.

This was after seeing our skippers photos of Nessie.
I was feeling pretty faint to say the least.
Nasa says his photo is so far the best taken of the creature in history, and was offered 2 million dollars for the photo, but was advised by Nasa to keep it in his possesion. They also have a video he took the same day of Nessie that they're still looking at, and it's in extreme protection...

Urquhart Castle


This is Forth Bridge.  It takes 8 years to paint...and by the time they're done...they have to start painting it all over again.  HILARIOUS!!

*Any attempt at being funny in this post is as a result of watch hours upon hours of Daily Grace today.