Honeymoon: England

Right off the hop I wanna apologize for this post being very image heavy.  It's the downside of having a camera strapped to your body all the time...it makes for many many pictures.

So Ken and I set off for our honeymoon starting in London.  We took the metro everywhere and stayed in an adorable hotel in Crystal Palace, just outside of London.
I've really never traveled before and didn't know what to expect.  I assumed I'd be a terrific traveller...boy was I wrong.  I was jet lagged and exhausted 24/7.  My feet ached and my back was always sore from carrying around bags.  Not to say I didn't enjoy myself...but I was definitely a whiney baby when I wasn't being completely amazed by my surroundings.

When we first got to our hotel and dropped off our bags we took a quick cat nap, and set off to see Buckingham Palace.

Hard to believe this is a home.

Day two started at London Bridge...Gotta say...not exactly falling down.
 The HMS Belfast
 Another view of a very sturdy (and slightly boring) London Bridge.
 Ken and I infront of Tower Bridge.
 You can just barely see Ken in this shot...He was too excited about getting a Starbucks in London to pose.
 A true traveller.  Drinking Starbucks on Tower Bridge.
 From Tower Bridge we went to the Tower of London.  Our Beefeater tour guide was hilarious!
 The crown jewels are in there!
 Intimidating Beefeaters...

 Ya...That says PET.
 They were very generous with Henry VIII crotch guard.

Pablo Picasso
Head of a Woman
 After the Tower of London we headed to the Tate Modern.  Probably my favourite gallery we visited in Europe... (If I don't say the Louvre do I get kicked out of Art School?)
Paul Klee
Burdened Children
 A view of St. Peter's Basilica from Tate.
 SQUEEL!!! Marcel Dzama! One of my faves!
 A close up of one of the incredible Dzama pieces.
Man Ray
I like standing next to shockingly large pastel drawings.
Salvador Dali
Mountain Lake
 This was Ken's favourite.
 Kids drawing at the Tate...so cute.
Jackson Pollock
Number 14
 This Pollock is about 12ft long...sheesh!
Water Lillies
Hipsters like Matisse.
 Another favourite! Do Ho Suh!
 Is your mind blown?
Umberto Boccioni
Unique Forms of Continuity in Spac
Roy Lichtenstein
 This was my first time seeing Lichtenstein's work in person... I freaked.
Paul Cezanne
The Gardener Vallier
Bridget Riley

Plenty of Marcel Duchamp to go around.
Best meal I've ever had... Oh so good.
When we returned to our hotel we couldn't find the remote...
That's 'cause they made it into the bed!
Rosetta Stone
 Day Three we hit up the National Gallery. 

Assurnairpal II Killing Lions

Human-Headed Winged Lion (Lamassus)

A piece from the Sphinx
Albrecht Durer
The Triumphal Arch
 This is one of the largest prints in the world.  It's made out of 192 wood cut blocks.  WHAT?!
 This...IS A CLOCK!

 Cool ancient drawing tools

 I touched things constantly in Europe that would later get on my face.  I'm disgusting.
 After washing my face we headed to the London Eye to get a view of the city.

 After the Eye we headed to Kings Cross.  We looked around for Platfrom 9 3/4 for what seemed like hours.  Finally I went and asked someone.
"Excuse me...I have a really dumb ques-"
"You're looking for 'arry Potta.  Go all the way to the end...make a righ' and it's there."
Ken could not stop laughing at me.

 Day four we went on a photo scavenger hunt starting with Big Ben/The Houses of Parliament.  I was constantly in awe at how freaking big the clock actually is!

 Westminster Abbey! 1 week later the Queen celebrated her birthday here, and 2 weeks later Kate and William married!


 We did a photo trade with a couple of giggly teenage girls.  When I was taking their photo a delivery truck honked and nearly ran them over.  The truck had plenty of time to stop, and was just being an idiot...  So a local jogger RAN out into the street, PUNCHED the trucks window and proceeded to yell at him.  It was awesome.

 That's us!

On our last day heading back to the hotel we found out that our train passes also worked on the bus... Which would've been really nice to know on the first day when we trekked up a massive hill with our 40kg backpacks.  However, the double decker ride was terrifying...
 On our last day in England we went to Stonehenge.  It was amazing!  One of my favourite things we did in England for sure.

Heel Stone
Sacrificial Stone

Next up was Scotland.  My absolute favourite part of the trip!

Have you been to England?  What were your highlights?