Mason TV

It's been a popular week for Ken and I.  First the magazine, then Fresh Option on Shaw TV, and finally this bit of excitingness!

Ken is a HUGE fan of Jack Layton.  Monday I got a call from him basically screeching in delight.
Jack Layton was asking to use HIS building for a press release.
So, yesterday THE Jack Layton shook hands with my husband, and personally thanked him several times for opening his space to the NDP.
You can catch a teeny glimpse of Ken's shoes at the end of the video, but other than that he was too busy giggling with excitement to be on camera.

I've been working on a Tommy Douglas painting for Ken for awhile now that Ken told Mr. Layton about. Jack Layton thought it was so cool that he said "Next time I'm in you'll have to have me over so I can see it!"