A Rough Week

Wow.  Where do I even start?
Well, how about... I'm still here!
I took a week off from blogging completely unintentionally.  This past week became very much about taking the time to just simply be with Ken.

After whining about doing my essay and feeling completely stressed out and overwhelmed I ended up deciding I would start it on Tuesday (it was due Thursday).
Well wouldn't you know that come Tuesday night... It wasn't started.

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my mother-in-law informing me that Ken's grandpa was missing.  Immediately the pit I already had in my stomach felt a million times bigger.

Once Ken and I were able to meet up we left to St. James and became apart of the search party that was looking for him.  The police were on the hunt, helicopters were out, and his picture was on the news.
By 2am we still hadn't found him and we all just felt terrible.

Ken, who is named after his Grandpa was really distraught, and when we finally got home to have a little rest before continuing the search...the rest didn't come.
For the next few hours Ken was super sick, and I felt completely helpless.  I wound up leaving for the drug store to get him some sort of relief.  When I came back it was about 7am and we still hadn't slept, not to mention the continuing worries going through our heads.

Eventually we both passed out from exhaustion and were awoken at 1am.  Possibly the best wake up I've ever had... Ken's grandpa had been found, and was perfectly okay.

Six days later Ken still feels pretty awful so I've been spending a lot of time just being here with him.

My professor gave me an extension on my paper and I was able to hand it in on Friday.

Needless to say I've been quite the basket case ever since.  I even missed Stuff I Like Sunday!!!
I didn't have a lot of time to promote and remind people about the giveaway so I'm considering leaving the draw until next weekend...
I forgot all my jewellery at work and wont be able to get it until Friday anyway so....
What do you think?  Do the draw a.s.a.p. OR leave it until next weekend?