An enjoyable tale about my favorite coworker.

Emailed to my best friend on Tuesday..

I woke up this morning after very little sleep. I immediately pulled my computer to my bedside and went to "call in sick". I put that in quotations because I was not actually calling anyone, however I was genuinely sick.

While waiting for the page to load I thought better and realised it was my students last day, and if I didn't go in they: a) wouldn't finish their exams and b) wouldn't be able to hand in their final assignments to me.

So I reluctantly got ready and stumbled into my first classroom where I was greeted by the wonderful Mr. Ashley Brasca;

*"It's just you and me today Gesell! Drink up!" and gestures to the front desks.
At first glance there appears to be three large wine boxes filling the students tables. However, upon closer inspection I discover (with a combination of dissapointment and excitement) that these boxes are actually filled with Starbucks coffee and the surrounding tables are overflowing with sugar packets, cups and boxes of cream.
"I figure these guys have watched me drink about 200 cups of this stuff and it's about time I share."
Ashley then proceeds to encourage my two most hyper active students to guzzle down the caffeine...

Several hours later the two boys had stopped bouncing off the walls. I took advantage of this moment and took one of my girls to hand her exam into him. When we finally found him the meek Croatian girl erupted with one of her very rare, but gratifying laughs.

*He is leaning far over the balcony that overlooks the commons. He adorns a fanny pack that he wears across his torso, making him look like a young Indianna Jones. This is not what has caused us to laugh. He has McGyvered some kind of contraption. In his hands is a meter stick with a buttefly catching net duct taped to each end, one of which has granola in it.

Initially I was wondering where the hell he found a butterfly net in the school(never mind two!). We then learned (I can only assume grade 12s) had let a budgie out in the school, and Brasca is attempting to catch it.

Words can not explain how funny this was. Immediately after handing in her exam I gathered my little posse, bought them all frozen yogurt, and sat in the commons while we watched the scene.
It was brilliant.

On a side note, my very appreciated cup of coffee this morning had the same "The Way I See It" line as the one you had in your bathroom for the longest time.