"Mat making you and Cam special buddies was like pouring water on the seed."

So you may be thinking to yourself; "Where's Cara been!?"
Well, the answer is...Camp Stephens.
3 weeks ago I said I was never going back.
But for the past week I've been counselling 6 grade 7 girls from H.S. Paul.
"But Cara, aren't you in Beauty School?"
Was. I am officially a Beauty School drop out. Ya, sing the song.
I dropped out after the third day.

I realized I really should be working with kids and not with hair.
It was too easy for me and I was bored and frustrated by people that weren't getting it. The job itself also just didn't match my lifestyle.
So I dropped out.

Things I might do this year instead:
-Work in a preschool.
-Take night classes.
-Take 2nd semester.
-Move out.
-Go to Vancouver with Jana.
-Go to Montreal with Cam.
-Go to Europe with Rob.
-Work at camp again.

This past week was ridiculous. Having such a small staff was so much fun.
The 8 counsellors for H.S. Paul were Rob, Kroney, Jamez, Cam, Erika, Lindsey, Jana, and myself.
It was such a funny group. We had a soap opera basically going on.
The kids thought Erika and Kroney were dating.
Rob and I got married and then divorced within 5 minutes.
Jamez and Lindsey fell in love. But he told Jana and I he loved us.
So we all dumped him and he was harassed for the rest of the week.
And Cam and Rob dated.
At first we thought the kids were crazy for believing that this was really happening.
But then we realized..camp relationships are pretty much just like that.
When my girls encouraged me to date Rob I laughed because out of the male counsellors..he was the only one I hadn't been with. Or as Jana put it..the only one that was pure.

It was fun.
We ended up having a bear on the island for a few days, and we had MNR shoot it yesterday after it broke into the directors cabin and tore the place apart.
But that wasn't the animal we were most concerned about.
The prairie chickens had gone crazy and started to attack people. One of them once kept us hostage in my cabin until somebody came to help us. And I had to throw a bucket on another one so it wouldn't hurt my kids.
..And this is not an exaggeration.

Yesterday Ken and I had a day of bonding for the first time in a long time.
It all started when we were standing in a big circle and Cam made some shot at me. Ken replied with "Cara, have I told you how much I like Cam." And I laughed, and Cam laughed, and Ken laughed. And then we looked around the circle..only to realize the other two people in the circle were Jamez and Kroney. And they weren't laughing.

Ken drove me home last night and I nearly cried.
He actually said the following things, and I'm not lying.
"You're my favorite person on the planet!"
"I love you."
"My girlfriend is jealous of you."
"You're one of the few people that can actually make me really sad or really happy."
..and then I made fun of him for two hours.

My life is probably the best that it's been in years.
And I'm a frickin' drop out.