I feel so liberated right now.
I had an incredible day. I got to see Maureen, Eryn, and Ken. Three of the people I adore most in the world.
I took Maureen and Eryn out for supper, and we all sang in a bus shack.

On the way home I took a look at the stuff He gave to Eryn to give to me.
My scarf, my stuffed animal, my pearls, an anklet and necklace I made him, a book about us, and all the letters and notes I gave him.I pulled out a postcard I wrote when I was really worried about what had happened with his Mom.
I read it and handed it to Maureen so I could read the next one.
As I went to read the next one I glanced over and she had ripped the post card into pieces.
My heart leaped and I went back to reading. She told me to rip it. So I did.
Then I skimmed through the rest and ripped them all up.
We went to a little lake and put a bunch of the ripped up letters and notes in a bag, and set it on fire. And scattered the rest in a field. Then we wished really hard for Him to never cause harm to himself or other people again, until all that was left was soot.
When waiting for our ride I pulled out a note I wrote the night we broke up. And I tried to burn it but it wouldnt take. Maureen opened it up and the words left said "I saw this coming. Tomorrow I will fit together." And then it burned.