This morning, I felt okay.
Not as good as yesterday, but better than tuesday.
So I decided to go to school.
Art came around and it took up so much energy.
I thought I was gonna pass out.
I couldnt lift my arms, or walk at a good speed for the life of me.
I went to play practice, and Maureen said I was giving off a lot of heat.
And told me to go home.
Then Courtney said I looked flushed and started checking my temperature, and told me to go to the office.Instead I used it to my advantage, and tried to be a convincing zombie.
At the end of practice the boy who plays Biff(I dont even know his name) came up to me.
"Can I have a hug?"
I stopped shuving things into my bag and looked up. "Me?"
"Because I want a hug"
So I hugged him.
He took a while to let go of me.
And he didn't smell very good.